Bond Security Inc. (BSI) was founded in 2012. We are a Canadian company with our head office located in Edmonton, Alberta. The founder of BSI combines many years of experience in running successful security services, overcoming difficult obstacles. BSI takes responsibility for the security concerns of our clients. BSI offers these main retail services:


Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention

Well trained LPA/Security Agents.

Ability to train and educate the client’s employees about Loss Prevention and how to prevent loss in the addition to how to behave when confronting shoplifters.

LPA are trained to prevent client loss combining any or all of the following skills, techniques and trademarked procedures unique to Bond Security Inc.

  • Checking for products near to expiry date during their shift
  • Displays that may fail or put customers and employees at risk
  • Risk to clientele (helps to prevent lawsuits)
  • Shoplifters database created over the long-term
  • LPA trained to recognize known offenders
  • Ability to detect and arrest shoplifters
  • Bond Security believes “customer service” is the main force to prevent shoplifters and theft
  • Provide methods on how to watch for shoplifters. Example Blind Spot Method ™
  • Provide different M.O. of Shoplifters ™
  • Train employees and managers how to track shoplifters – Photo Album Method ™
  • Provide the court documentation as required for all arrests.

Mystery Shopping Edmonton, Bond Security

Mystery Shopping

Hiring a person who has a knowledge of LP to work as a mystery shopper (advantage) and less risk to the client (save money).

Retail Security Guards Edmonton

Security Guards (Retail)

  • Well-trained
  • Visible
  • Trained and licensed to make any arrest. (Detect and arrest.) Power of arrest. Knowledge. Principals of Loss Prevention
  • Trained, Licensed and Certified by the Solicitor General Alberta program
  • Bond Security also offers in-house classroom training prior to maintaining our clients sites
  • Further field training is also required before any officer works at a site alone.
  • Provides full report after each shift.


Investigation (Retail)

  • Interviewing and Interrogation (W & Z method.)
  • Prefab interviewing and pre-screening processes
  • Background check on potential employees
  • Criminal Record verification (Canada and United States)
  • Employment verification … etc.
  • Profile Investigation

concierge (1)

Security Concierge™ (Two in One)

  • A security guard who can do the job of concierge.
  • Two employees for the price of one.

Bond Security Logo

Our Accountability Commitment

Accountability is one of our top driving forces in providing excellent services. We maintain legislated mandated standards, private licenses both reviewed and trained by the following agencies:

  • Licensed by the Government of Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security office (BN# B000247)
  • Member of International Association of Interviewers (IAI)
  • Wicklander – Zulawski & Associated Certified (W-Z)
  • Member of Canadian Security Association (CANASA)
  • Bond Security carries $5 million Liability Insurance
  • Bond Security maintains its registrations with WCB
  • Trained and certified with “Tip of Spear.”

At Bond Security™, we are a client-driven company. That means:

  • We will create a package specific to your security needs to suit your budget.
  • We provide a discretion-assured security and investigation service by offering well-trained, courteous and competent personnel.
  • Our personnel are kept apprized of industry technological developments. Useful technologies will be adapted to advance our mission on behalf of you, our customer.
  • Bond Security™ exists to meet the security needs of our clients. We are committed to providing quality service.
    1. Discreet retail loss prevention services
    2. High quality services at competitive rates
    3. Commitment to superior customer service
    4. Licensed under the Alberta Private Investigators and Security Guards Act
    5. Bonded and insured
  • Our loss prevention agents, also known as asset protection officers, may work directly for a specific merchant or as part of a contracted private security force. Our primary responsibility in retail is to protect merchant assets by focusing specifically on the areas of shoplifting and employee theft. Bond Security™ supplies this service to discourage prospective criminals.
Bond Security Guard

Your business deserves the flexibility and personal service of face-to-face contact Bond Security™ offers to protect your property, investments and your bottom line. Our individualized service methods and our people make Bond Security™ the right choice.