The fundamentals of internal examinations

Performing routine internal investigations are an integral aspect of any top-notch security service. To charge anyone allegedly violating company policies internally requires as much proof as prosecuting the thief that breaks the window and runs with assets. These “ insider” risks can hurt your profit line and your business as much as external theft. Whether the theft be cash, stock, time, information, insider knowledge, trade secrets or infractions of policy through intoxicating substances or abuse of colleagues, losses in profits, increases in risks or decreased staff morale can be devastating for most businesses.

Bond Security protects you from employee theft:

Bond Security Surveillance


Whether your own employees are lifting from the cash register, shortchanging customers or other losses are occurring by indirect means internally and externally, Bond Security staff are trained to spot discrepancies in procedures, staff and customer interactions and provide evidence to allow you to proceed with justifiable protective actions and appropriate consequences. Bond Security staff are highly trained in the skills needed to recognize the use and presence of any intoxicating substances that may place you, your business, your clientele, other staff, your assets and environment at risk.

You will receive all the essential information needed to prosecute criminal behaviour. Bond Security performs stationary as well as portable observation techniques utilizing up-to-date electronic equipment, advanced observational techniques and skilled witness statements to provide you both audiovisual and written reports recording all the pertinent details needed to make a case.

Bond Security Background Checks

Background Checks

Bond Security will acquire essential data to aid you in your selection of representatives/employees. We use conventional sources such as criminal and driving histories, in addition to monitoring online networking/social media sites then compile a comprehensive report to offer a broad picture of prospective applicants helping you acquire quality staff on your team.

Non-Compete Examination

If you have reason to suspect a former employee or company representative is ignoring or violating a confidentiality contract, we will observe, use multiple methods to collect data and the evidence needed to compile the proof to prosecute and convict.


Covert Operations

We will dedicate one investigator (more if needed) to work covertly at your business area to observe and report on representatives’ activities at work. In the event that any are involved or committing activities that are in defiance of your policies or legal infractions, for example, theft or drug use, we will provide both witness statements and the proof needed to follow through with arraignment. We also report when representatives are acting consistently within your guidelines and policies so that you may implement an internal employee reward program. Having such a program provides incentives to adhere to the company policies and further benefits you as owner and investor.


Evaluating Shopping Procedures and Routines

Observing shopping protocols and procedures utilizing different systems and tools will spotlight areas for improvement and help spot any opportunities that allow for potential theft and loss. By designing multiple methods of covert surveillance, money drops set up as integrity tests, and designing Bond Security’s investigative techniques to your specific needs, any lapses or breaches of integrity will show up indicating needs for termination or possible causes for prosecution. The integrity of your team is the basis of success and increases protection of your assets. Bond Security will evaluate and report on the work environment providing details on all aspects of your business such as security assessments of risk and well being, store appearance, sales and safety.

Bond Security Counterfeiting

Preventing Counterfeiting and Knock-offs

Bond Security employs staff trained to use superior observation skills, a variety of methods in addition to the latest in technology to spot those who pass off counterfeit funds, deliver, sell, return knockoffs of your specific or brand-name products. We work collaboratively with your legal advisors and the local authorities to confiscate fake merchandise and prosecute the perpetrators.


Security Consultants

Bond Security combines 27 years of experience in loss prevention in both retail and corporate sectors in addition to residential security needs. Bond Security identifies security risks and weaknesses, creating essential protocols specific to your needs to eliminate vulnerabilities. The moment you work with Bond Security Consultants, you receive customized solutions for your specific requirements. Bond Security’s comprehensive range of services, in tandem with our skilled and experienced investigators have aided corporations, retailers, businesses and residential communities to protect from and prevent internal hazards and risks. The many threats to your security, property or assets may include:

  • Bookkeeping / Accounting fraud
  • Blatant theft of physical assets
  • Unauthorized access/manipulation/theft for the purpose of profit
  • Threats of violence, inappropriate sexual advances or other inappropriate conduct

When you have Bond Security manage your internal investigations, any inappropriate or illegal conduct that has occurred or is currently posing a risk will be exposed. These investigations will be handled with great care and respect for honest employees ensuring their reputation remains untarnished. Careful investigations, require detailed planning, predictable follow-through, logical approach, keen analysis, consideration of multiple aspects and a thorough understanding of the legalities involved.
A successful examination depends on the following: gathering and investigating recorded or written statements of evidence, interviews with witnesses and suspects and witnesses, the utilization of forensics and computer programming along with consulting human resources, supervisors, legal advice, managerial consultation and local law enforcement.