From the time that sealed packages of merchandise arrive at our clients’ retail locations until consumers leave with purchased items, our loss prevention agents work to protect your inventory, minimize risk and ensure the safety of property and people.

Loss Prevention Bond SecurityPreventing retail loss includes many facets, methods and functional programs all designed to lower losses due to theft. We aim to control business risks and detrimental losses associated with both internal and external theft.

Retailers can and must take every plausible step to decrease shoplifting in order to maintain success and profits. This mode of theft is a major contributor to shrink. Effectively decreasing losses allows retailers to offer products at competitive lower pricing increasing their profitability and competitive market place edge.

To outline our commitment to you as a retailer, we begin by listening to your unique requirements, specific requirements, and examine your vulnerabilities. Working in tandem with your associates, we help develop and implement specialized loss prevention protocols to aid in identifying how losses are occurring, minimizing your experience of loss, detecting and deterring suspicious offenders.

Our goal throughout our service is to avoid creating unnecessary liability in addition to avoiding business disruptions. Our customers confirm our value cuts their former costs when they sought to recruit, train and supervise their own staff. They can now use those hours and resources to develop additional critical business programs. Having our recognized company provide superior service and competent specifically trained and experienced specialized loss prevention staff offers significant monetary benefits.