When you need customized security services to meet your organizations’ or businesses’ requirements, you can count on Bond Security™. We will work out every detail with you, applying our expert knowledge, our extensive experience, and through listening closely to you, develop specialized security solutions suited to your needs.

Our superb management team possesses the experience and dedication needed to place equipped and trained officers and staff to meet our client’s unique needs. We understand you have different expectations and requirements. We set and reach the highest standards for our services ensuring we stand out from the crowd.

Risk and/or Loss versus Protection, Security and Peace of Mind

ShopliftingPrime-time news or newspapers. consistently report incidents of trespassing, burglary, embezzlement, aggravated burglaries and vandalism inflicted on businesses, private residences and business owners or occupants. These often traumatic events leave businesses paying the costs and residents feeling threatened and vulnerable. Custom-designed security solutions offer peace of mind, protection AND prevent losses.

Shoplifters, unscrupulous employees and significant accounting errors are responsible for billions of dollars in lost revenue for retail merchants each year. It is estimated that nearly half of all reported losses are due to employee theft alone. Turn to Bond Security Inc. for skilled loss prevention specialists. BSI also offers background investigations of potential employees to decrease potentially hiring those predisposed to theft.

The need to secure your home, property, and family is becoming increasingly necessary. BSI designs the service best suited to your needs and location. Our guards can serve as a highly visible deterrent or a subtle part of the day-to-day running of your business or household. We work for you to prevent burglary, vandalism, and personal attacks.

If evidence of a theft or major error is discovered, the loss prevention specialist may conduct interviews and search store records to build a case. If required, they are licensed to physically apprehend an alleged shoplifter or detain a suspect employee. They prepare reports for use in criminal or administrative hearings, and may also be called upon to testify in court. Although loss-prevention specialists work with law enforcement, most instances of shoplifting and employee theft do not result in arrest.

What are the costs of no security?

Loss PreventionAny loss is too much. BSI helps you keep your profits, reduces and even eliminates the increasing losses experienced by many businesses resulting from theft, in-house embezzlement, vandalism, criminal activity targeting your goods, storefronts, businesses, companies, residences, family and staff.

Contact us now to protect your products, staff, family, buildings and properties with Bond Security Inc. Luck isn’t enough to insulate you and your business, residence or family from harm and loss. We work hard to provide a tailor made security service specifically to meet your needs.

As loss prevention agents, we continually hone, develop and evaluate methods for monitoring customers and employees, such as closed circuit cameras, security tags, and computer tracking systems. We have trademarked procedures unique to BSI.

Depending on your priorities, we may work in full uniform or undercover, blending in with customers searching for vulnerabilities in a store’s security processes. Our trained specialists act independently to solve suspected loss or theft.