At Bond Security™, we select, employ, train and retain the best of a broad spectrum of qualified and local experienced Loss Prevention and Security professionals dedicated to ensuring you, our valued clients, receive the highest caliber service.

As a multi-faceted security company, Bond Security™ we implement interval coaching and training of office and external staff. At Bond Security™, we believe in reinforcing competencies, industry knowledge and teamwork and regularly assess the need for progressive improvements dictated by your business needs and cultural trends.

Partnering with you, we consider your sustainability measures and we find and place the most suitable officers and supervisors for your site by matching up the skills and experience you need.

Bond Security™ staff are trained to carry out the company mission following proven procedures drawing from non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques. Combining diversity in our workforce and respect for the environment are at the foundation of our operations in our Code of Conduct and our corporate governance guidelines. All our personnel are trained and certified with “Tip of Spear.”

At Bond Security™, we know our people are the integral keystone in offering and delivering exceptional value to you, our clients. They are the difference. We are a part of our communities in which we serve and participate in local initiatives to further development that benefits our neighbours. Which in turn benefits our businesses and your security.

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Our Mission

Driven to carry out our mission every moment we are entrusted with your security requirements, we focus on three strategic operating priorities:

a) To completely understand our client’s needs and expectations and ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. We pledge to go above and beyond exceeding your expectations.

b) Selecting highly dedicated, dynamic and service-oriented professional security staff who share our leaders’ passion for superior service, excellence and comprehend that our commitment to quality and ongoing improvements is infinite.

c) Through Respect and a reward program for all employees, we have found our truest competitive edge lies not in our processes or technology, but in our team, our people. We value the well-being and wellness of our employees honouring their diversity, participation and individuality.

Our Focus

Employee welfare equals customer service – We select only the top security personnel, offer better wages, incentives, benefits and provide room for promotions and advancements. Bond Security™ employees take advantage of regular performance reviews. Exceptional work is rewarded.

Bond Security Our Focus

Our Goal

At Bond Security™, our goal is to be known as one of Canada’s primary suppliers of elite retail loss prevention officers and onsite roving security, and to achieve this recognition through the introduction of best working practices, regular technological monitoring upgrades, supportive development of our employees through ongoing training and access to quality trade tools and electronics.

Bond Security Edmonton Our Goal

Our Vision

Bond Security™ seeks to consistently provide premier security solutions and services through creating employment options and career opportunities in private security positions for community members.


We stand by three core values that serve to guide us and all our staff in establishing trusting relationships with our clients, neighbouring communities and colleagues: Vigilance, Helpfulness and Integrity.



Our professional security approach focuses on hearing, seeing and evaluating through consistent, objective, trained observational skills allowing our people to consistently observe incidents, events, behaviours, incidents and risk factors the average person misses. Vigilant observation is essential to awareness of possible risks or potential incidents that may occur on our client’s premises.



When necessary, a Bond Security™ employee will offer assistance, even when seemingly not pertinent to his or her job. A Bond Security™ employee will always step up to offer help if incidents occur requiring intervention. This is part of Bond Security’s ongoing commitment to safer conditions for life and work.



Honest and trusted to work unsupervised on premises and with valuables and client property, a Bond Security™ employee person is a person of integrity. This also means Bond Security™ employees report infractions, offer important information and express their opinions in all situations that better our service to you, flawlessly our company and follow our protocols.