Security Concierge Agents

The Point of First Contact Security Concierge Agent, situated accessibly in the client-defined area, provides high quality services to guests, clients and staff. The Security Concierge Agent also provides first contact and safeguarding outside of regular hours. This includes, controlling and monitoring access to buildings and CCTV systems, dealing with guest/client requests, emergencies, carrying out routine duties and reporting or handing over concerns if necessary.

The Roving Security Concierge Agents are expected to patrol all client-defined areas and access points at regular intervals with an emphasis on locations where risks concerning safeguarding have been identified.


Specific Security Concierge Responsibilities

  • Acts as an initial point of reference in the reception area and/or on the phone as required.
  • Implements night security systems, ensuring overall safety and security of the defined environment(s).
  • Responds as required to needs, risks, requests and unexpected tasks.
  • Monitors access of guests, clients and staff.
  • Demonstrates accountability in adhering to the requirements of health and safety policies, corporate practices and procedures.
  • Implements policies and procedures to ensure effective service delivery.
  • Reports questionable incidents.
  • Completes domestic tasks (cleaning communal areas) and also ensure a high standard of general upkeep and maintenance.
  • Effectively records information.
  • Advises management promptly of any issues or concerns about guests, clients or staff.
  • Ensures BSI’s Equality & Diversity Policy and Procedures are actively promoted along with client culture and diversity protocols and reports any forms of discrimination.
  • Ensures that all BSI policies are adhered to at all times by security/concierge.
  • Ensures all areas of work and services are accessible to all individuals.
  • Promotes and strives for a high level of client satisfaction, consultation and communication.
  • Understands role in the organization and demonstrates accountability in contributing to maximize profitability.
  • Understands how the security/concierge role contributes to the overall purpose of the client and delivers services in the most efficient way.
  • Understands tasks and duties will be client-led and defined.
  • Works proactively within a multi-disciplinary team of administrative and front desk staff.
  • Regularly participates in the review of BSI policies to maintain licensing and legislation.
  • Carries out other duties appropriate to the post as directed by the client’s senior staff.
  • Works at other locations when required or directed.


Bond Security Accountabilities / Commitments

  • Attends staff/team/relevant meetings, training events and attending regular supervisions, appraisals during the day when appropriate as directed.
  • Attends forums, seminars and training as required by the post and agreed by the client.
  • Participates and takes active responsibility for developing skills and knowledge.
  • Adheres to equality and diversity policies in all aspects of service delivery.
  • Ensures confidentiality of all personal data held as specified by the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Arrives punctually.

Key Accountabilities

Shift Duties

Guest and Front Desk Staff Support

Health and Safety


Administration and Maintenance

Personal Qualities, Abilities and Skills