Bond Security™ knows the biggest benefits of retail security are gained through providing more than uniformed personnel at exit points. We work with you to develop integrated and customized solutions that utilize technology, incorporate our experience of in-store security processes and facts of the retail world. We believe a comfortable shopping environment for your customers and a safer workplace for your staff helps you improve efficiency, reduce loss of inventory, all ultimately helping you maintain and raise your profit margin.


Security Services

One of Edmonton’s knowledge leaders in security, Bond Security™ focuses on offering solutions in security customized to each of our client’s requirements. Everywhere from small stores to chains, private homes to gated communities, family events to corporate functions, fundraisers to festivals, Bond Security™ employees make a difference.

Offering top industry training, wages, awards, medical benefits and internal incentives motivates our best to be their best in their service to you.

Bond Security™ responds to specific and unique security tasks and challenges faced by our customers and their individual industry concerns.

While Bond Security™ follows a proven protocol for each type of event and various business types, solutions and services are tailored to each situation and site based on our clients’ and individual’s requirements and needs.

Bond Security Retail

Comprehensive Spectrum of Security Services

Ask the average Joe their idea of contract security options and they envision a security guard patrolling the grounds of some warehouse or factory or restricting/monitoring access at a fixed gate or entrance. While these services continue to be an integral and crucial aspect of security services at a variety of locations, Bond Security offers a more comprehensive range of specialized security methods offering pertinent solutions and value to our clients.

  • Internal Investigations (interview & interrogations)
  • Investigations
  • Loss Prevention (Internal / External)
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Security guards
  • Mall Security
  • School Security
  • Property Management Security
  • Hotel / Restaurant Security
  • Security- Concierge(Trademark)
  • Wedding Security

Specialized Guarding

Specialized guarding

Our clients expect and receive premiere security solutions customized and designed to target each unique requirement. Combining our years of industry experience and extensive knowledge base we are equipped to superbly protect your assets. All security personnel must meet legislated requirements.